“I contacted Pia for a friend looking for a healthy way to combat the stress that accompanies Meuniere’s(an inner ear disorder). Her use of hot and cold stones in the massage was the perfect solution. After seeing the results, I myself had to try the stone massage – the effects do truly last for days. The stress I was carrying vanished and I left feeling rejuvenated. I have only good things to say about Pia and StarKeys [Body Sentio v/Pia Poulsen]. Very professional. I highly recommend her services.”
Cathy, Paris – February 2012

“I’ve received many massages from Pia. She gives with care, and is passionate about her work. She constantly improving her skills and knowledge, which translates to an ever-evolving touch. I warmly recommend Pia !”
JF, Paris – February 2012

“Pia’s skills in hot stone massage are amazing. She’s incredibly motivated and motivating to restore wellness in each client. I would recommend anyone to see Pia for a wellness massage!”
Lizzie, Paris – February 2012

“Pia’s hot and cold stone massage was one of the most amazing experiences I have had – ever! The astonishing sensation of the contrasting hot and cold stones was wonderfully exhilarating and the uplifting effect lasted for days. It was unforgettable and I can’t wait to have another massage from Pia! Thank you!”
Alannah M, Paris – April 2011

“I first went to Pia in 2009 with a stiff neck and from there have called upon her to help me keep my body functioning in top form! I am a personal trainer and endurance runner and wind up with numerous stiff, sore and down-right unhappy muscles. Pia uses the hot/cold stone deep tissue therapy to fix me and it WORKS! She’s a lovely person who delivers amazing results!!”
Jennifer H, Paris – March 2011

“This was my first time having a stone massage (let alone *cold* stones!), but I decided to try it out on the recommendation of a dancer friend. I am a bit of a massage junkie and have strict standards (nothing worse than an ineffective massage), but this was beyond what I could have imagined. The hot stones were smooth and I could feel them working into the muscle, but then the cold stones (surprisingly pleasant – not a shock to the system at all!) really got out the last bit of tension. My shoulders -always, I do mean ALWAYS sore- felt completely normal for days afterwards. I would definitely definitely return. Pia (the massage therapist) not only knows exactly what she’s doing, but is very knowledgable on different types of treatments (she gives training workshops as well, apparently). She included some elements of other types of massage and stone work in our massage, and I will also be giving some of her other treatments a try (if I can pass up another LaStone treament). Definitely worth a visit!!!”
Randi G, Paris – February 2011

“Pia is a highly skilled professional who was an excellent student. As all the best therapists do, she used her skills and blended them with the LaStone techniques to make a treatment package in which she is able to express all her talents.
I would highly recommend Pia as a therapist for all types of conditions, as her depth of knowledge will allow her to adapt her skills to the individuals needs.”
Lesley Masterson, Co-Ordinator at LaStone UK

“I had three appointments with Pia, the first one was Massage Créatif and the other two were mix of Massage Créatif and hot stones. I had tensions in my lower back and wasn’t happy with my shoulders. After her magic treatment for 4h 30min over 3 sessions, I feel no tension and am relaxed. The stones in her hands moving all over my body combined with her relaxing voice gave me the best massage treatment in my life. A very experienced creative Masseuse who provides sevices at very reasonable prices. Besides all that she is a very lovely person to konw.”
Mr. Alanazi, Saudi Arabia – June 2010

“Pia’s Massage Créatif is the perfect treatment for the weary traveler. I arrived at her home tired and stressed from two weeks of constant travel and left relaxed and invigorated. Pia is a truly gifted and skilled therapist. Her hands were working constantly and energetically to the point that it almost seemed like a four-hand massage. It was easily one of the very best massages that I have had the pleasure of receiving. I’ll be back for another the next time I’m in Paris.”
Jon R, USA – May 2010

“Pia came to my home and provided me with an 1 1/2 hour Massage Créatif with deep tissue work on problem areas. Pia provides a firm massage and really discovers and works on knots and sore areas (even ones I did not know I had!). Pia was professional and engaging and I would recommend her.”
Jane T, Paris – February 2010

“I enjoyed a combination of cocooning and traditional massage at my apartment, which helped me both relax and also worked out the sore points – but even the deep tissue work was very gentle and calming, and I felt completely loose afterwards. One thing exceptional about Pia is her flexibility – she asked a lot of questions about what I was looking for and about my health, and then she came up with a tailored program for me that was just perfect. She is willing to work with all types of physical conditions, and aims to design something that works best. I will definitely do another massage with Pia!”
Randi G, Paris – January 2010

“The cocooning was wonderful – I felt completely revitalised and refreshed afterwards which continued through to the next day. The headache I had before the treatment lifted and I had a great nights sleep afterwards. Pia has a natural understanding of where to place the stones, and using the stones and her hands relieves all of those tension points in your feet. Highly recommended for those who would like to do something to completely relax but not have enough time for a full massage.”
Sharon B, Noisiel – September 2009

“I’ve had a few massages over the past few years both when travelling abroad and in France, and would highly recommend Pia. Not only is she professional, but her massages really are the best I have had so far.”
Sharon B, Noisiel – July 2009

“Pia is my first massage experience and since then, I have seen others, and there is no comparison, she always comes out on top. She’s very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into her clients. She continues to learn new massage techniques that make her even more expert in her craft. Pia has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. I always leave feeling not only relaxed, but healed of all aches and stresses. She really knows how to pinpoint my “trouble spots” without me even having to tell her. Her movements are very fluid and relaxing and it seems “choreographed” to the beautiful music selection that she uses during the massage. Her homemade oils are also divine. They leave the skin soft and smelling refreshed.”
Heather H, Saint Thibault – June 2009

“I had an appointment with Pia in her home and am forever grateful that I found out about her business. Her massages are wonderful, relaxing and stress-free. She’s very professional, listens very well and will help all your senses relax as she works her magic. I’m a personal trainer so my muscles get used a LOT in my line of work. Unfortunately I have had many disappointing massages in the Paris-region. However, I highly recommend Pia if you are looking for a relaxing and worthwhile massage! Let her work her magic on you, too!”
Jennifer H, Paris – June 2009

“The massage has constant contact, long, flowing strokes, pressure point work, deep work, movement of legs, arms and head. It is best without any clothes to interrupt the flow. Pia seems to dance around the table and be in more than one place at a time. Sometimes it felt like a four hand massage. I have experienced many different massages and this one left me saying Wow!. I will return, Pia”.
David M, Spain – June 2009

“I have known Pia for some time now and consider her to be an excellent, very professional, massage therapist. I would rate the ambiance at Star Keys Massage [Body Sentio v/Pia Poulsen] as outstanding.”
David N, USA – February 2009

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